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Sponsorship Options - ICNMDigital 2023

ICNMDigital 2023 will be the opportunity to provide the community with a Scientific Update between the previous edition of the Congress (July 2022, Belgium) and the next edition (October 2024, Australia).

It will be similar to the ICNMDigital virtual event that had been offered in September 2020.

Dates: Thursday 30 November & Friday 1 December, 2023

4 main topics:

  • Muscle Disorders
  • Peripheral Neuropathies
  • Neuromuscular Junction Disorders
  • Motor Neuron Diseases

Please see below for background information, industry symposium and advertising options.

Statistics on Current and Past Editions

Statistics on ICNMD Congresses (click to expand)

Event Attendance

2024Perth, Australia 1,000 exp.2021Virtual, Worldwide1,350
2023Virtual, Worldwide1,000 exp.2020Virtual, Worldwide995
2022Brussels, Belgium1,2502018Vienna, Austria1,400

Demographics & Statistics

Regional statistics from past ICNMD editions:

ICNMD 2022
(Belgium, Europe)
ICNMD 2021
(virtual, worldwide)
ICNMD 2018
(Austria, Europe)
ICNMD 2016
(Canada, North America)
  • Europe 74%
  • North America 15%
  • Asia 5%
  • Latin America 4%
  • Middle East & Africa 2%
  • Europe 59%
  • North America 20%
  • Latin America 8%
  • Asia 8%
  • Middle East & Africa 5%
  • Europe 66%
  • North America 17%
  • Asia 11%
  • Middle East & Africa 4%
  • Latin America 2%
  • North America 66%
  • Europe 19%
  • Asia 9%
  • Middle East & Africa 3%
  • Latin America 3%

Category statistics from past ICNMD editions:

ICNMD 2022
(Belgium, Europe)
ICNMD 2021
(virtual, worldwide)
ICNMD 2018
(Austria, Europe)
ICNMD 2016
(Canada, North America)
  • Healthcare Professionals 47%
  • Industry 37%
  • Academics (non HCP) 7%
  • Patient Organizations 1%
  • Other 8%
  • Healthcare Professionals 36%
  • Industry 31%
  • Academics * 31%
  • Patient Organizations 1%
  • Other 1%
  • Healthcare Professionals 36%
  • Industry 33%
  • Academics * 23%
  • Patient organizations 1%
  • Other 8%
  • Healthcare Professionals 40%
  • Industry 33%
  • Academics * 12%
  • Patient organizations 7%
  • Other 7%

* Some (most) of which are HCP

ICNMDigital 2020 Sponsors (click to expand)

  • Alexion Pharmaceuticals
  • Astellas Gene Therapies
  • Biogen
  • LFB Biomedicaments
  • PTC Therapeutics
  • Roche
  • Sanofi Genzyme
  • Sarepta Therapeutics
  • UCB Biopharma


Interested in More Visibility?

Industry-Supported Symposia (click to expand)

60-min Symposia
EUR 40,000 each

Two maximum per time slot, with non-conflicting topics


Available time slots:

  • Thursday 30 November, 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm CET
    • Two (2) 60-min symposia – SOLD OUT
  • Thursday 30 November, 6:45 pm to 7:45 pm CET
    • Two (2) 60-min symposia – 1 sold, 1 available
  • Friday 1 December, 3:15 pm to 4:15 pm CET
    • Two (2) 60-min symposia – SOLD OUT


  • Branding (banner) of your symposium’s virtual page – EUR 5,000

As the sponsor of an Industry-Supported Symposium, you will:

  • Host a live-streamed (“live”) or pre-recorded (“simu-live”) 60-min or 25-min symposium during ICNMDigital 2023, with live Q&A
  • Have a virtual page dedicated to your symposium on the ICNMDigital 2023 virtual platform
  • Be listed on the Congress website, with symposium description and hyperlink to company’s own event page (if desired)
  • Include a complimentary virtual Bag Insert promoting your symposium (supplied by Sponsor; to be approved by Congress Secretariat)
  • Be listed in a summary e-blast highlighting all symposia, sent through the Congress Secretariat to all registered delegates prior to the Congress
  • Receive the list of delegates who watched your symposium and indicated consent (incl. contact details)
  • Have the final recording of your symposium, incl. Q&A, available on-demand for up to one year on the Virtual Library + shared with you

The Sponsor must provide the symposium program as well as presentation slides to the Congress Secretariat, for approval by the Organizing Committee, closer to the Congress dates. Details will be communicated in the next few months.


While CME accreditation is *not mandatory* for Industry-Supported Symposia, sponsors are welcome to seek accreditation of their symposium on their own.


In any case, the information discussed must be presented in an objective, balanced and scientifically rigorous manner. The content and format of the symposium or its related materials must promote improvements or quality in healthcare and not a specific proprietary business interest or a commercial interest. Titles must be indicative of the program topics.

Product Theatre (click to expand)

The Congress offers opportunities for your company to showcase your products or services through a pre-recorded 15-min presentation, released on the first day of the Congress for on-demand consumption by all delegates.


Product Theatre presentations provide a focused, high-value marketing opportunity for industry partners. They are ideal for promotional presentations or activities that highlight a new service or present information or data on the development of a particular product. All Product Theatre presentations must be tasteful, appropriate, professional in nature, and must focus on the science relating to the development of a particular product.


15-min Product Theatre
EUR 5,000 each

Please note: Product Theatre presentations are intended for exhibitors, to replace a physical booth. They are not meant to replace a symposium (speakers + presentation). For these, please see “Industry-Supported Symposia” above.



  • Branding (banner) of your Product Theatre’s virtual page – EUR 1,500

As the sponsor of a Product Theatre presentation:

  • Your pre-recorded 15-min presentation will be released on the first day of ICNMDigital 2023 for on-demand consumption by all delegates, and available for up to one year on the Virtual Library
  • Your presentation will be listed on the Congress website and on the virtual platform with a short description, link to organisation’s website or own event page (if desired), and email address for questions
  • Attendees will have the ability to submit questions through the email address provided on the Product Theatre’s dedicated webpage (see above)
  • Summary e-blasts will showcase all presentations (2 e-blasts minimum before the Congress)
  • You will have access to the list of delegates who watched the Product Theatre presentation and indicated consent (incl. contact details)
  • You will receive one (1) complimentary virtual Congress registration

Digital Advertising (click to expand)

Digital Advertising

Branding (banner) of your Product Theatre’s virtual pageEUR 1,500
Banner Ad on Congress Website, per monthEUR 3,000
Social Media Post, per post 1EUR 3,000
Branding (banner) of your symposium’s virtual pageEUR 5,000
Virtual Bag Insert (PDF or video of educational value)
(1 complimentary with symposium)
EUR 5,000
Banner Ad in Initial Registration Email (Exclusive) 2EUR 5,000 – SOLD
Banner Ad in Final Confirmation Email (Exclusive) 2EUR 7,000

1 Each post to be posted on all 3 platforms (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn).
2 Each delegate will receive an initial confirmation email at time of registration. All confirmed delegates will receive a final confirmation email a few days before the Congress. Your custom banner will be displayed in the body of the email.
Sponsor will be responsible for providing the advertisement in high-resolution, print-ready format as per specifications to be communicated by the Congress Secretariat.

Sponsorship Levels & Benefits (click to expand)

To reach a sponsorship level, you can:

  • pick “a-la-carte” items from the options above (symposia, product theatre, digital advertising), or
  • make a general contribution to the Congress, or
  • choose a combination of these two options: if the total of your “a-la-carte” items doesn’t reach the minimum amount for the sponsorship level of your choice, simply add a general contribution amount.

Upon reaching one of the amounts mentioned below, you will unlock the benefits associated with the respective sponsorship level, in addition to the specific benefits associated with each “a-la-carte” items you will have chosen.

EUR 65,000+
EUR 45,000+
EUR 25,000+
EUR 10,000+
Acknowledgement on Congress website and virtual platform
Complimentary virtual Congress registrations3020125
Complimentary social media post (content provided by Sponsor)11

Our experienced Sponsorship & Exhibits Sales Manager will work closely with you to customize the best package to achieve your specific organization’s goals.

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